1. Basic Frankie Stein Doll
  2. Comic Con Frankie Black and White doll
  3. Dawn of the Dance 
  4. Gloom Beach
  5. Scream uniform
  6. Dead tired
  7. Schools Out
    0002708468398 500X500

    love the dress!

  8. Killer Style
  9. Day at the Maul
  10. Classroom
  11. sweet 1600
  12. Skull Shores
  13. Maul session
  14. Skultimate Roller Maze
  15. Ghouls Rule
  16. I heart fashion
  17. Scarily ever after
  18. Scaris. City of frights
  19. Ghouls Alive
  20. Deluxe fashion Pack
  21. Picture day
  22. Haunt the Casbah
    Monster High 13 Wishes Party Doll Frankie

    her hair looks different... lol!

  23. Voltageous


  1. Mirror Bed
  2. Vanity


  1. Basic Costume
  2. Schools Out 
  3. Ghouls Rule
  4. Power Ghiuls


  1. Plush friends

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