Frights camera action will be a new Monster High doll line and movie in 2014. It includes 4 new characters including Ellisabat, Viperine gorgon, honey Swamp and Clawdia wolf. Honey and Clawdia were revealed at the Comic Con 2013. 

I'm so excited for these dolls!

Judging from the picture, Honey Swamp has blue-green hair, a small pink hat, a dress which is pink with a blue design with goo dripping down the bottom with black frils, and pink shoes. She come's with a camera and a movie booklet. in the bacground there are the other dolls released. Ellisabat is the dark girl. She has white skin, dark hair, dark clothing and boots. The next is Clawdia wolf. She has blond hair, a red jacket, a gold pencil skirt, red stockings and gold shoes. Next to Honey is viperine Gorgon. She has pink hair, and unknown skin colour, a dark dress and pink boots. It is either unknown if 1. the movie books are diarys or photo books like the Scaris. 2. It is also unknown if Clawdia Wolf is one of Clawdeens/howleens sister.